Who’s Your Momma?


People nowadays seem to believe that they are above everyone else. I was scrolling through Facebook just today and came across a status that stated, “People need to stop throwing the term love around. Learn the difference between love and lust, and then come talk to me.” While I do agree every bit with the fact that the word love is losing meaning with society, that does not give someone the right to belittle others. One does not “give” another permission to converse with him/her.
It is becoming very clear to me that humans, especially teenagers, recently have to feel superior in order to be happy. That should not be the case. People need to realise that just because they think something is wrong, does not mean that others are wrong. Stop trying to place yourself higher than the rest. If we all worry about ourselves, instead of trying to “mom” the universal public, then we could all have better lives.


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